We offer a variety of creative and engaging services to help your organization change, grow and innovate.

Does your staff or grantees bemoan all efforts on data collection? Does the data you collect provide useful information and the ability to analyze your impact? Let us help you realize data is more than a necessary evil and assess how you are collecting and utilizing your data to provide powerful information on effectiveness and performance.

  • Current State Assessment. Reviewing what data you collect, how and why you collect it and how it is used for reporting. As a result you will have a streamlined data model and documented processes that ensures data integrity and reporting consistency.
  • Using Data to Tell your Story. Working with your teams to identify opportunities to use existing or new data to convey the impact of your work. This will provide a road map for your organization to define and implement the necessary data collection techniques. 

Is your organization operating at its fullest potential? Do you have a bunch of people, doing a bunch of good work, but not necessarily marching to the beat of the same drum? How are you approaching new opportunities for growth and impact? Let us help you raise your thinking to the next level by defining the change you want to make in the world.

  • Defining your vision and aligning your work. Working closely with your team, we will craft a vision, define goals and develop key metrics as a guide for implementing your strategy. Our approach will provide you with a strategic summary and reporting framework to align the work of your organization and communicate your progress.
  • Implementing and tracking your progress. Vision, goals and metrics are just the beginning. Let us help you implement and track your strategic vision through progress reviews, reporting and annual goal development. 

In your work, do you identify individual or community needs that if addressed, would move the needle, but are outside your scope of services? Let us help guide you through collaboration exercises that will identify solutions to the multi-faceted issues facing our communities.

  • Collaboration starts at home. Thorough intake and upfront communication can help address not only the pressing issue, but identify the underlying needs of the people you serve.   Develop a  a holistic methodology to serving your community by ensuring access to ALL the resources your organization has to offer using structured intake processes, information sharing and people-centered approaches.
  • Creating greater impact together.   We’ll work with communities, organizations and networks to identify population level needs and issues, define and document contributing factors and bring together partners around a common goal.  Each partner brings to the collaboration what they do best, coordinating services with each other, to holistically serve each person and improve the health of the communities where they live.

Do you ever feel like a party of one?  Are you expected to come up with creative ideas for staff retreats and board meetings?  Do you wish you had a trusted mentor or adviser to bounce ideas of with no vested interest in the outcome?  Being the leader of a non-profit organization can be lonely and can pull you in a million different directions.  Sometimes you just need somebody to lean on!

  • Executive coaching.
  • Retreats and meeting facilitation.
  • Leadership development.